Tutoring in het Gooi

Tutoring is offered to all primary school children at Dutch and International Schools and lessons can be conducted in either Dutch or English.  Lessons are a combination of computer activities, written tasks and games. Every lesson is unique to ensure that your child stays focused and engaged with the material. Lessons are given at my private practice in Huizen  or online.

Dutch class

Dutch lessons are available for children who attend an international school and who come into contact with Dutch in daily life. These children need a basis to function independently with speaking, listening, reading and writing. I teach Dutch at all levels and match the level of your child. This can be done in groups and individually. This is also possible online.


Dutch lessons are also available for Dutch children abroad or who return to the Netherlands.



Learning issues with mathematics can increase as a child grows older.  I can provide expert tuition to refresh basic mathematic skills and help your child develop key skills across all areas of maths.


Reading and writing 

Learning to read and write in Dutch or English requires time and effort and I can support pupils in this important process.  Reading comprehension is a major part of secondary school education in the Netherlands and I can give expert guidance on how to approach this. 



As a children's coach I am skilled and experienced at helping children develop the self confidence, techniques and tools that they need to feel empowered and positive about what they want to do and achieve.


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