Private tutoring in Huizen and online

Hart for educatie for tutoring, coaching and confidence building skills for primary school children in het Gooi. With two locations in Huizen and the Hilversumse Meent. 


Heart for Education offers expert tuition across all aspects of the Dutch language and specific tutoring for diverse learning needs, including mathematics. Tutoring can also be provided to teach your child how to plan their homework and guidance on how to approach specific tasks.


There are many different learning methods and strategies that can be utilised to support your child's learning – please contact me to discuss the options.


Dutch class

Designed for pupils who need to learn the principles of the Dutch language in a short time and who may also need to refresh their knowledge. Dutch lessons are also to expand language skills.


Learningprogrammes designed to cater specifically to your child's needs in literacy or mathematics. I use clear, focused explanations, always allowing sufficient time to practice together with your child to ensure the learning objective is fully understood. Read more...


Are you new to the Netherlands?  It can take some time for your child to settle down in a new classroom. I can provide expert guidance to enable your child to fully engage and enjoy their new learning environment. Together with your child, we will formulate a plan to ensure they have all the tools and skills needed to fulfill their potential.