Dutch lessons in Huizen and online

My name is Sylvia Zuidinga and I give Dutch lessons at a Primary School and also in my Practice in Huizen. They can be given physically but also online. Through my work,  I have built up years of experience helping children in the right way. I want to make children curious about the Dutch language so that they can use it at their own level.


Children who wish to become more proficient in Dutch can take part in a group lesson of up to four pupils or take private lessons.

The aim of the group lessons is for children to become sufficiently proficient in Dutch to be able to use the language in everyday life. This includes using the language in all kinds of everyday situations.


The group lessons are linked with the material that the children are taught in their Dutch classes at The International School. Due to this repetition, children pick up Dutch faster and therefore start using it too. In order to learn a new language, it is necessary to practise and use the language a lot. In my group lessons I aim to create a safe environment so that everyone has the opportunity to express themselves and, of course, make progress.


It is also possible to have private lessons to improve Dutch language skills.  Private lessons are for children who, for example, attend a Dutch school but do not speak Dutch at home. These children may benefit from support in this respect. An important subject in Primary School is reading comprehension.  How successful you are in this subject determines the direction you will take in secondary education. Children who have a different home language can have problems with this because their vocabulary isn’t sufficient. I offer children support with this and give parents advice for the home too. 


Private lessons are also possible for children who attend a language school and are going to transfer to a Dutch school. For example, children who live abroad and are going to move to the Netherlands. All sorts of lessons are possible.


In order to help your child, to the best of my ability, I will first assess the needs of your son or daughter. I find it a really good idea to become acquainted with them before the lessons begin. This can be done either in my Practice in Huizen or online via Google Meet. I will assess the level of knowledge and discuss what the purpose of Dutch lessons is. I will then advise you on the type of lesson that would best suit your child.


Alongside Dutch lessons I can also support children with arithmetic, spelling, reading and reading comprehension. If you are interested to find out more please contact me and we will work out, together, a programme for your child to follow.


Price List:

The lessons last between 50-60 minutes. Material are included in the price.


Private Lesson:  € 52.00

Group lesson (2 pupils):  € 27.50 per child

Group lesson (3 pupils):  € 20.00 per child

Group lesson (4 pupils):  € 16.00 per child


Terms and Conditions

1. The teacher aims to teach Dutch to children who receive education on the basis of compulsory education.

2. Invoices must be paid within 14 days of the invoice date.

In the event of non-compliance with the financial obligations or for other compelling reasons, the teacher may terminate this agreement. It will announce this in writing and with reasons.

3. In case of absence or illness of the student, this must be communicated at least 12 hours in advance, otherwise the supervision time will be charged.

4. Parents can stop counseling at any time. Services that are offered after the guidance time will expire.

5. Heart for education assumes a best efforts obligation, not a result obligation.

6. The teacher will not provide third parties with information about the supervision or access to the file, as referred to in Article 10 of the Constitution, unless permission has been given.