Dutch lessons in Huizen and online

Hart voor educatie offers Dutch lessons for children. Children who live in the Netherlands or who regularly qualify with Dutch need a basis for vocabulary, reading and spelling.


There are many different learning methods and strategies that can be utilised to support your child's learning – please contact me to discuss the options.


Dutch lesson

Designed for pupils who need to learn the principles of the Dutch language in a short time and who may also need to refresh their knowledge. Dutch lessons are also to expand language skills. 

Lessons can take place in a small group and individually. This can be done in a personal contact or online.

Every lesson we work at the level that suits the students.

In class we practice listening and reading comprehension, vocabulary, grammar and spelling.



In the Dutch lessons who work each lesson from a new theme. Subjects that form a cohesion stick better in the learning process. In every lesson new words are taught supported by a talking plate. We also read and listen about a specific topic. Spelling of Dutch rules is offered separately in class. We also work on grammar for slightly older children.

Speaking and listening is an important part where the goal of the Dutch lesson is: "I can save myself and make myself understood in Dutch."

Time and costs

All children who want to learn Dutch are welcome individually or in a group. If you opt for a group lesson, you can put together the group yourself with children that are known to you.


Before the lessons can start, there is always a free intake with parents and children to determine the right level. This can be done in person or online via Google Meet.


Lessons last 50 to 60 minutes. Agreements are made with parents on how many lessons we plan and on which day.


Individual: 40 euros

Group 2 children: 22  euros per child

Group of 3 children: 15 euros per child

Group of 4 children 13 euros per child


Contact me for the possibilities. I like to think along with you!